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CANDELA1 latest innovation GentleLase ProTM 2 LE 755nm,
renowned as world best 755nm laser hair removal technology4
• MediLASE is exclusively authorized by US-listed medical laser equipment manufacturer CANDELA as GentleLASE 755nm Professional Laser Hair Removal Centre in Hong Kong5.
• Scientifically proven, laser 755nm wavelength is most suitable for yellow and white skin to remove hair.
• With the largest spot size of 24mm, treatment time shortened by 70%7.
• Only 9 minutes for leg hair removal, the fastest and the best option in the market8.
• Clinical studies proven, 24mm spot size ensures laser light penetrates deeper into the hair follicles7, bringing more effective permanent hair removal results9.
Patented DCD™ Cooling System10 utilizing the original Cryogen
cooling agent with the safe and comfortable amount
• Integrated Patented DCD™ Cooling System, artificial-intelligence operating
system automatically controls cooling depth and duration of skin surface
while keeping the heat in hair follicles, delivers optimal results of permanent hair
• -20℃ Cryogen effectively cools and calms
skin, achieving painless hair removal experience.
Clinical Department formed by clinical optical experts and registered
doctors to provide professional care to our customers
• Formed by CANDELA clinical laser experts and registered doctors.
• Precise medical analysis and treatment consultation.
• Professional and safe laser hair removal service at international standard.
All laser therapists are well-trained and examined by CANDELA
and registered doctors
• Well-trained and examined by CANDELA as GentleLASE Professional Laser Therapist11
• Trained and approved by doctors, knowledgeable with dermatology.
• Knowledgeable with light-sensitive medicines, providing the most effective and
safe service.
The most recommended laser hair removal centre by beauty bloggers
in Hong Kong
• More than 100 beauty bloggers and editors experienced and recommended
• 50 beauty bloggers pick12:
    – 96% agreed Integrated DCD™ Cooling System10 is more comfortable
       than air cooling or cooling pad;
    – 100% agreed AI Operating System is more professional and safer than
       manual operation;
    – 100% agreed MediLASE brings them comfortable laser hair
       removal experience;
    – 100% highly recommended MediLASE to their friends
Modern and stylish interior design and international standard service
Kowloon flagship located in 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, highly accessible
with breathtaking sea view. Hong Kong Island flagship at Soundwill Plaza,
at Midtown of Causeway Bay, both are convenience location with stylish design.
1. CANDELA is the world's first 755nm laser equipment manufacturers, and patent owner of Dynamic Cooling Device ™ cooling systems, has a total of 75 patented technology, more than 14,000 items Laser Technology System. 2. GentleLase Pro is a trademark of the Candela Corporation. 3. MediLASE is the only laser hair removal centre using the world’s largest spot size of 24mm for 755nm laser hair removal medicine in Asia. 4. Ref.: “The Gold Standard” of laser hair removal, Dr. Thomas E. Rohrev 5. Authorization issued by CANDELA, to prove MediLASE using CANDELA original certificated laser hair removal equipment and consumables, services, environment and therapists are at the agreed excellent standard from CANDELA. 6. Ref.: Laser for Hair Removal in Raleigh: Selecting the Best Laser for your skin type, Michael Law, MD, Raleigh­Durham Plastic Surgeon 7. Ref.: Illumination Geometry: The Importance of Laser Beam Spatial Characteristics, KURT G. KLAVUHN, PHD, Research Scientist, Pleasanton, California 8. Real case study to a woman’s lower leg, with a 24mm spot requires 617 pulses, while 18mm spot requires 1097 pulses. 9. The definition of permanent hair removal: *A Report on the "Safe and Effective Device For Permanent Hair Reduction" from FDA Certified 510(K) Summary. 10. Air Cooling Compatible, ACC, Dynamic Cooling Device and DCD are trademarked. PB78613EN 11. “GentleLASE Professional Laser Therapist” is a professional qualification issued and examined by CANDELA. 12. 50 beauty bloggers were interviewed after treatment, 100% of them will recommend MediLASE to their friends (Source: “Jessica”) and more than 100 beauty editors and columnists experienced and recommended MediLASE.
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